Iphone splashtop streamer app

iphone splashtop streamer app

The Splashtop 2 app allows connectivity between devices in a local area network environment; in addition, a module called “Anywhere Access Pack,” available by. The only requirement is that both your iPhone and your computer are connected to the same wireless network. You must also download the Splashtop Streamer app. Install Splashtop Streamer on your PC (Windows 7/8/10, Vista, and XP), Evaluation of iPhone App [Splashtop Personal for iPhone] at itunes store. ULTRAVNC FASTER THAN A KISS Онлайн Уважаемые форумчане, сообщаю Для вас, что.

Download for free from www. A computer with dual-core CPU is strongly recommended for best performance. This app has worked from day one and just keeps on performing great. I when traveling the remote access is so convenient. Over the years I have had the app, I have had small problems when Apple updates their Macos, but always downloading their latest streamer on my computers have got it working again. The only other gocha is when traveling you might need to check that it auto reboots after a power failure and have at least one computer that never goes to sleep.

It wakes up computers locally, but not remotely. A first class product. My only wish for a missing feature was always At you had to upgrade business version to transfer files, but now with iCloud, it is easy to put your remote file on the iCloud Drive if it is not already there using Splashtop and you have access to it where ever you are. No more forgotten files. We are very happy to hear you enjoy our product!

Thanks for the excellent feedback and the high rating! App is fine. Works consistently. Easy wake-on-LAN. Easy connecting to computers on your local WiFi if you turn off your VPN on both the host and guest device. The productivity pack is feature-packed, but most of the features should be included with the purchase of the app, since they run locally and have only been maintained, not expanded.

The app would get five stars if every feature of the productivity pack were free, except for syncing your custom UIs across devices, which should be bundled with the Access Anywhere Pack or work through iCloud, rather than being its own subscription.

IMO syncing UIs only makes sense from phone to phone and tablet to tablet. If remoting in from a desktop it is a niche feature requiring a touchscreen or inking to make sense. I have had the app for several years and have not maintained either subscription, except when I need remote access, which is rare, and growing rarer with the expanding capabilities of iPadOS and the immanence of cloud game streaming. Not a knock on Splashtop specifically, but using Remote Desktop apps to game from anywhere off your local network is often unworkable.

Productivity apps, sure, but gaming is rough with the screen taking a long time to fully refresh and input lag being high. Hi Teckmarkram, Thanks for the feedback. We've shared it with the team. Thank you! It's amazing how from California I could literally use my home computer to download jobs from email and Internet and even print invoices in Maryland. I will be renewing license come June. Amazingly this works just as well on my Moto X2! There was no additional monthly payment for wi-fi use but I bought the Anywhere use so even in the middle of a parking lot I can use cellular service to connect to home.

Couldn't be more pleased. Even taking care of just one work crisis while away from the office makes the yearly fee well worthwhile! If I could only have one app it would be SplashTop! The developer, Splashtop Inc. Privacy practices may vary, for example, based on the features you use or your age.

Learn More. Thank you splashtop!! Thanks Splashtop team. I love the app. It works great. At times it stops me from connecting to my PC. Ctrl alt del did nothing. Had to turn computer off with power button. I would give this 4 stars if it worked but it just tells me to buy something when i try to connect.

Just downloaded it and I already love it. This saves me time and neck pain. Thank you for this!! Three stars on the app for iPhone due to not being able to scroll or do similar single finger movements like on ipad. When two finger tapping from trackbar to touch, no touch features work except tap and hold. I also wish it had Bluetooth access to keyboards and controllers to make the experience a little more realistic. Splashtop copies whats on your clipboard when you remote desktop from ios to pc How you take it..

The screen moves around and if they made where we can lock that it would be a perfect application. After the most recent update nothing works the way I want it to. Pre-update the app worked flawlessly. Highly disappointed. There are better free alternatives. This app allows me to do that very efficiently and I am very grateful for it.

Two things I wish it had: 1. Ability to add just a space bar to the screen 2. Ability to have a constant left click anytime you touch the screen, to make clicking and swiping gestures easier. I Highly recommend it. There are much better options out there. Also, the FPS is awful. I am removing on the same network that is 5 feet from the access point. Other apps have much better FPS. I paid for a whole year and have not used it. I have been using Jump and am happier with that one so far.

Since the iPad now supports a cursor, can you please support scrolling and right clicks? I've been using it well since boght. But it is not available after the update. Pls, let me use it as it. Not happy about the changes with the most recent updates. Makes the app much more challenging to use.

I can no longer use my mouse on my remote machine. Left click now works like alt tab. This is very frustrating. Update: I purchased two apps that allow me to access my Macs from anywhere without a subscription. I was an early adoter. On Kindle I bought the regular version and the HD version. I also bought the Mac app Splashtop 2. That said, I use to have access from anywhere via Gmail account. I received a message that I would keep my access if I switched to Splashtop Personal.

I did, but never got the permanent upgrade. I sent a support request years ago, but it just went unanswered. I could see the ticket via the website. So, I sent a few follow up emails over ther years. Then I finally got a reply from someone and I am told that the offer has expired. I tried to get it when it was valid. I submitted a support request via the website. I sent a few follow up emails over the years.

I sent screenshots of the Splashtop apps that I purchased. I was given 3 months. I used the anywhere less than three times to show others. I only purchased it, because it seemed like something that would come in handy and it seemed cool. Download the APP! Bingo King — Fight For Cash.

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May 11, AM in response to noslrac40 In response to noslrac The key is to open Splashtop first, go to settings and log out. Then in top right of screen exit from its icon. May 11, AM. Happy to Help did you notice that the post is over two years old? I doubt they are still waiting for an reply. Note that most posters never mark their post as solved. Dec 7, AM in response to lllaass In response to lllaass.

Just one more bit of info for those stumbling across this post This may seem unintuitive, but you must first find the Splashtop Streamer install package Dec 7, AM. Question: Q: how do i remove splashtop streamer More Less. Communities Get Support. Sign in Sign in Sign in corporate. Browse Search. Ask a question. User profile for user: noslrac40 noslrac Question: Q: Question: Q: how do i remove splashtop streamer how do i remove splashtop streamer from my mac mini.

More Less. Newest Apps. App Rankings. Alert Suggestions. Account Sign Up. Log In. Join for free to start saving! Sign Up. Splashtop Personal for iPhone by Splashtop Inc. Email me whenever an in-app purchase for this app goes on sale. Categorized Under: Business, Productivity. Splashtop Personal 2, iPad.

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