Zt2 zoom hack download

zt2 zoom hack download

The Hacks In This File fora.triambaka.xyzle Sized GuestsGuests Have A New Allowance When Entering Zoo $ Minimum $ MaximumGuests Move. Pasa el mouse encima de la imagen para aplicar zoom Zoo Tycoon 2: Marine Mania Expansion - PC. Microsoft No need download no cd hacks or such. You can olso download at zoo tycoon volcano hacks and download killer peguin to get them in the animals Room Zoom - Race For Impact [all access cheat]. NO IP TIGHTVNC Онлайн Уважаемые форумчане, сообщаю Для вас, что.

With so much content added by so many expansion packs the submenus for objects buildings and animals can be filtered by clicking on the triangle button in the bottom middle window. New buildings, themes, challenges, scenarios and also new guests and improved guest AI were added with this expansion pack.

Items added by ES XP will be marked with a green leaf. This XP was not as full as ES, however, it did add 20 more animals which are always good for a zoo as well as new skins for the Jeep vehicles, new themes and of course Africa centric challenges and scenarios. It came out at the same time as the next XP as a way to bolster sales and help regerate wanning interest in the game.

This is just as it sounds, it adds 20 new marine animals fish, mammals, birds as well as new water filled exhibits to house them in. MM also added 4 new biomes to properly match up with the marine type habitats. You can train certain marine animals to do tricks which can then be employed to enterain guests. Trainers are slow but will work without any interference from you. Another cool feature is the ability to swim with your animals and even ride on the backs of many of your marine animals ever wanted to swim with dolphins?

Items added by MM XP will be marked with a blue sea shell. Trainable animals will have a yellow star inside the shell. This XP brings back the dinosaurs but also introduces players to other extinct animals from earths history such as the dodo, wooly rhino, quagga, and protarchaeopteryx. This XP adds 30 new animals 10 more than the standard XP and includes the Dino Danger pack premium download no refund if you already purchased it seperately.

This pack also adds 5 new mini games which include: Searching for fossils, building fossil puzzles, combining DNA, stopping rampaging dinos, and even curing new and strange diseases. There are also new staff members such as entertainers and paleontologists as well as the standard new themes, objects, buildings, challenges and scenarios. Items added by EA XP will be marked with two crossed bones.

Items from the Dino Danger pack will be marked with a yellow dinosaur skull. Before we move on with this section I need to set a few ground rules and assumptions: 1. I assume that you have access to and have read the game manuals. I will not rehash the manual. The in game tutorials found in the scenarios section are very well done and very informative.

I actually replay some of them just to remind myself of the basics from time to time. I strongly suggest and indeed assume that you have played the tutorials and understand all the basic concepts contained within them. The intent of this section is to build upon the basics which you should know from reading the manuals and playing the tutorials.

If you find that some of the concepts I talk about seem a little advanced, then go back to the manual and the tutorials to refresh yourself no shame in that. Although, I may get a little basic from time to time just so we are all on the same page, just don't expect me to hold your hand. This section will focus mostly on Challenge mode. The ideas discussed here can be used in campaign mode but each scenario has differnet winning conditions and each sub game is disscussed in its own section below.

There is no money or strategy involved in Free Form mode since there is no way you can win or lose. I do suggest that if you have an idea you want to test out then use FF mode as a proving ground to experiment in before going blind into the other modes. Junior zoos are small in size and have paths and fences already set up to help out those people who might not know what direction they want to go in yet.

The globe in the middle of the screen will give you an idea as to where in the world the zoo is located. You can choose the amount of money you start with in challenge mode. There are three sizes of Zoos that you can make use of in the game: small, medium and large. The small zoo is 52x The medium zoo is 70x The large zoo is 92x I think that all of these sizes are much too small for any kind of great zoo, especially when you consider how many animals and biomes there are in the game.

I am terrible at ASCII art so I won't try to demonstrate what I mean, but, you should be able to tell the amount of space lost just by looking at any random map. All I can say about zoo size is to make sure you make the most of your space. I am not saying that such a zoo is impossible, what I am saying is that it is not practical. No one ever said that you can only have one zoo! ZOO LAYOUT The way you layout your zoo is entirely up to you, however, if you would like an efficient zoo which will help increase your income, fame and guest happiness levels then I have a few ideas to share.

Your zoo is first and foremost a business. Guests are your only source of income except for a few rocks and trees at the start of the game that you can recycle for cash. Guests will only walk on paths sometimes a random guest will go where they are not supposed to, but, the majority of them stay on the paths.

I use three sizes of paths for most of my parks; 3 tiles, 5 tiles, and 6 tiles. I would not go less than 3 or more than 6. I use 3 tiles mainly during scenario games when money is tight. I like 3 tiles over the suggested 2 tiles for a few reasons. The only arch that is 4 tiles wide is the extinct themed arch. I use the 5 tile wide pathway when I play FF or Challenge mode since money is less of an issue.

The only way to attract guests is with animals which must be enclosed in exhibits. Exhibits are going to be, without a doubt, the largest things in your zoo. The first point is complicated as each species of animal requires different amounts of space. This will be discussed in more detail in section G.

The second and third points will be discussed here. Guest visibility while on a path is 10 tiles in all directions from the point they are standing. Binoculars can increase this visibility range to 22 tiles but only in a confined arc about 60 degrees as opposed to degrees. Also, binoculars do not allow visibility to things in the exhibit that are in the first tile those items are too close for the binoculars to focus on. Elevated paths only give visibility to an exhibit if the edge of the path extends beyond the fencing into the exhibit.

Even though the elevated paths do not increase the visual radius of the guest they do allow the guest to go further into the exhibit without reducing the size of the exhibit. I don't use binoculars too often because only one guest can use them at a time.

Animal privacy can also be a concern. This also keeps your exhibits smaller thus saving your overall zoo space and saving money on extra fencing. Fencing is going to be your number one expenditure. The best way to reduce fencing cost is to put your exhibits on the outer edge of the zoo.

Chain link fencing is not a good idea for animals that can climb such as chimps, lemures and koalas. The best fencing for decoration and saftey is the widowed fencing themed if you want to decorate. The most secure fencing is the electrified dinosaur fencing from EA XP. The game comes with an array of easy and free to use landscaping tools. The cliff, ditch and flatten tools are extremely useful.

There are two ways to use cliffs to make exhibits: the ditch exhibit or the cliff wall exhibit. The ditch exhibit is generally the cheapest and easier of the two IMHO. The problem with cliff walls is that they take up 1 tile of space on each side of the cliff wall. I would only suggest using cliff wall exhibits if you are a skilled planner and terraformer. Do not use moats, especially water moats. This section is mainly to discuss the overall layout of your zoo.

I have found that in the games that I play the best way to use the buildings and to increase overall guest satisfaction is to build guest areas which specialize in catering to all of your guests needs all in one place. I like to put guest areas in the corners and in the center of the zoo depending on the zoo size. Gift carts should be placed about every 20 tiles or so inbetween your guest areas. The Grid. Grids almost plan themselves. Of the three designs presented here the grid is the best for water shows and marine animals.

I use the Grid mostly when playing campaign games since efficiency is the key to winning scenarios. Single Entry. This is a modified Grid style where the only path is the main entry path. Because all of your guests will be crammed into the center isle I would suggest making the single path 12 tiles wide instead of 6. With some creative exhibit planning you can throw in a water show or two, but, this design more easily accomodates land based exhibits.

I used this design on a few campaigns and I think it makes a great challenge game as well. The Wild Animal Park. This is a modified version of the single entry design. Instead of having the main entry path extend through the entire park to the other side, it only goes about one quarter of the way.

I do not suggest this design for most scenarios, although it can certainly be fun to do in a challenge game. These designs were just some of my more efficient ideas which I have had much success with in the past. These guys work best if you use the guest area idea from the last section. This is another great reason for having an odd numbered path width. In all of my playing I have not noticed much of an increase in educational donations by adding an educator and podium. These kiosks will add a significant amount to your educational donations.

I would suggest putting in a few educators at the same interval as a gift cart, perhaps at the corner of two exhibits. You can of course do all of these things yourself in guest mode, but, for a large zoo, you will not have the time. It is very important to keep exhibits clean. The thing about zookeepers is that they do not need access to the guest areas. The strategy I use for my zookeepers is to assign a zookeeper to no more than 4 small exhibits where there are about 4 animals per exhibit or 1 large exhibit like that ever popular savannah exhibit.

If a keeper is unassigned to any exhibit then they will attempt to do any zookeeper job that is in your zoo. The assignment will then appear in the subscreen in a list as "assignment ". I have not found a limit to the number of assignments a keeper can have, but, as I said earlier, there is an efficient limit of about 20 total animals per keeper animals in exhibits.

In a small zoo or one that is just starting you can save a lot of money by taking care of the animals yourself. Trainers create thier own training areas in a tank and you can assign more than one animals to a trainer. Trainers are very slow when it comes to training your animals.

They serve two functions but each function requires a building to make full use of. The first function is to search for fossils. The paleontologist is very good at what he does. You can have more than one paleontologist walking around which can really increase the speed at which fossils are found. Entertainers can be made more productive with the use of a stage. If you have enough decorations and shows then you may not need entertainers as the only function they provide is to increase the enterainment level of your guests.

This section will basically be concerned with the buildings and objects which I believe have the greatest value. So, Fame is the reputation and trust you build with suppliers and other zoos which convinces them to offer you better equipment and more exotic animals.

I have not seen any great advantage to this in game but I have heard rumors that themed areas provide a boost to guest enterainment values. Themed buidings cost more to upkeep than default buildings, however, default buildings all need to be researched except the ones you start with. There are low fences and high fences. Low fences can also be used as decoration if you going for a themed area.

High fences are generally the best for containing most animals. With other high fences you must be certain that the guests can see through it. Not all fences can be used to contain animals however. The dino, extinct themed and iron bar fence are the only fences rated for containing large dinos.

Dino fence is not very pretty so I often choose to use a ditch exhibit for my big lizards. Food and drink buildings come in all the various theme styles so you can create a truly immersive themed area. There are also three types of restaurants; family, regular and fancy. ATMs and gift shops also work well next to a restaurant. I always try to add two small restrooms to a new zoo so lines don't get too long. I would suggest these for a medium or large zoo.

I strongly recommend using education kiosks in areas of high traffic near popular exhibits. When placed correctly they can provide quite a bit of income. Gift shops are also best placed with restaurants and ATM machines. Gazebos are not moveable and only have a few themes but can provide relaxation for a large number of guests. Guests enjoy observing animals from under an observation area.

I always like to place a fountain next to the entrance so that guests are entertained as soon as they walk in. Koi do not live very long however and will need to be replaced from time to time. Koi must be placed in deep water.

Before you can make money you have to spend money. When I build a new zoo I tend to start out with at least 1 decent exhibit with about animals 2 species, male and female each. Maintenance Fees are the result of buying amenities for your guests. Themed buildings cost more to maintain than normal buildings. Staff Salaries are paid on a monthly basis and when you first hire an employee. Animal upkeep occurs whenever you need to refill food and water.

Researching is available in scenario and challenge mode. Researching is completley avoidable unlike the other forms of expenditures. Now that we can see where our money is going, lets take a look at where our funds are comming from: Entrance Fees Recycling Food and Drink Sales Gift Sales Donations Entrance Fees will be one of your zoos first forms of income.

I like to keep the fee at the default level for a new zoo. Recycling income happens anytime you delete something. By the way, you can recycle almost anything except staff, animals and guests. Food and Drink Sales are a very large part of your zoos income.

Gift carts are similar to food and drink stalls except that guests dont get hungry for gifts, or do they I rarely ever have any trouble with gift carts, if you do, just pick it up and move it. Donations, donations, donations; these are the number one source of income for any zoo. Tour and show donations happen very simply after a guest has been on a tour or seen a marine show. If the exhibit the guest is viewing is educational then there is a small chance that the guest will make an educational donation.

Educators can have a small indirect increase on educational donations, but, the best tool for increasing these donations is with the discovery kiosk. At this point, if you have followed along with zoo planning and layout, and understand the different exhibit designs and use of guest areas and path planning then you should have no problem making money. For example, as a new zoo you will not have the ability to build a family restroom, but, you can build a small restroom.

Think of zoo fame as your reputation in the business and animal conservation world. Zoo Fame comes in the form of stars. The first three are fairly simple. This score takes time to rise for new animals. I did extensive detailed research on educational score. Birds are great for releasing to the wild peafowls especially since they breed quickly. Herd animals are also good for this. Normally FF mode will give you access to all objects and buildings except those which need to be unlocked through persistant game awards.

The easiest way to find out what biome, flora, food, fencing and items are best for an animal is to click on the animal and then click on Zookeeper recommendations. Every animal has two sets of needs; basic and advanced. The advanced needs are Privacy, Hygene, social and entertainment to see an animals current needs status click on the animal and click on the tab with a heart.

No color means that the need is completely satisfied. Advanced needs are requireed for advanced activites such as breeding, releasing to the wild and creating entertaining animal exhibits. Lets begin discussing each need in more detail. All animals must be contained in an exhibit or else the guests will not be able to view them properly. Trees, flowers and rocks from the same biome can also help increase the educational score as can educators with podiums.

I always provide at least one structure for all my aniamls since it makes both the animals and the guests happier. Elephants especially love to use shallow water to bathe in. Extinct animals are a different matter however. EA XP added extinct diseases to the game. Carnivores are the harder ones to satisfy this need for. For example, Ethiopian and grey wolves, tiger and lion, Velociraptor and Stripped hyena, or Utahraptor, Stokesosaurus and Carnotaurus.

However, you should look after the babies, as they are likely to be hunted. Also, in my whole experience, I've never seen a marine animal killing other, despite the conditions being the proper I also had a hard time keeping crocodiles and monitors together. I have noticed on several occasions when mixing carnivores and other animals that my carnivores gained social points by stalking other animals.

Trainable animals are especially easy to keep entertained if they are being trained for a show. Always remember to be cautious about keeping carnivores and herbivores together in the same exhibit. The number one thing you need in your zoo for guests to be happy is animals. Just like animals, guests have needs. Also please note that not all buildings are availabe right from the start. Hot Dogs - this is most popular with kids, but, adults will eat them too.

Hamburgers - this is a more well liked choice for the whole family but requires more fame than hot dogs Shish Kebab - this is a more pricey food stand but adults enjoy the more exotic foods and will gladly the pay the fee.

Sub Sandwiches - this is a prefered option for male adults. Sushi - this is another fancy food that costs more but adult females really enjoy it. Salad - this is a standard food option which is good for female adults. Desert Carts - it should be said for all desert carts that after a guest has eaten their meal most of them will start looking for a desert, this means more money for you.

Cotton Candy - another treat popular with kids. Fruit Cup - this will appeal mostly to your aduld female guests. Ice Cream - a cool treat which is great for kids. Popcorn - not technically a desert cart but it can serve as a quick snack. Pretzles - also not exactly a desert, it is more of a quick snack. Restaurants work a little different than stands and carts. Restaurants do not come in different themes. Restaurant - this is the cheapest option for your guests serving bottled water, hot dogs, and a fruit cup.

Family Restaurant - this is also a good option for cheap dinning serving soda, ice cream and a hamburger. Fancy Restaurant - this is a more pricey and exotic dining experience which is popular with the adults. Soda - available at the beginning. Coffee - more popular with adults, but, kids will give it go too from time to time.

Water - most popular with adults. I use water stands every where when they become availabe. Gazebos can also provide relaxation for your guests but are expensive and take up a lot of room. Themed areas also promote entertainment.

Kids will require more entertainment than adults as they get bored faster. I always plop down at least two small restrooms for a new zoo. I put one of these at every guest area and any where I think I might have some space. If you want to know more about what a guest is thinking or why they are not happy you can click on a guest and select the thought bubble tab to the far right.

I put ATMs in guest areas and near restrooms. ATMs are expensive to buy and maintain, although they are available from the very beginning. Even if you feel you have provided for all of your guests needs and you are certain that there is nothing more you can do you may still get a few guests who just can't be happy. AWARDS This section will be dedicated to listing and talking about all the different kinds of awards you can achieve during the game. Current game awards are only available in challenge and FF modes.

Desert Theme - Complete the African Adventure campaign. I love themes and this is my favorite one. This is an interesting decoration which can be nice to have. Globe - Complete the Globe Campaign. I don't use posts much in this game, they are expensive and very small, although this one is a nice looking one.

Extinct Theme - Complete the Extinct Campaign. I dont like the 4 tile wide arch but other wise it is nice to have more themes. Cat Climber - Complete the photo safari campaign. This is a very nice building which increases the likelyhood of endangered species breeding. Decorated Tour Gate - complete the Transportation campaign. I think it is rather dissapointing. Brachiosaurus Slide - Complete the Extinct Exploration campaign.

This is one of the biggest items you can build. Quagga - Release one of each extinct animal to the wild. This can be done very easily an quickly in Free Form mode. Quagga is adoptable once your zoo reaches 1. Jungle Theme - complete 5 Photo Challenges in challenge mode. Safari Theme - complete 5 Game Challenges in challenge mode. Endangered Species Theme - Complete 2 endangered species challenges Please refer to the Mini Games section below about Training for more information about training your animals.

What you will need for a decent show: 1. Show Tank which is at least 20x20 in size which is connected to the tank mentioned in step one above. You want a large show tank because the props for each trick will take up quite a bit of room.

The bleachers can be anywhere near the tank so long as they are facing the tank. You can even put extra bleachers above the first set by using elevated paths. I have had shows with 4 levels of elevated paths full of bleachers and even though the bleachers were not being fully used, the crowds were huge! Show platform. You only need one portal to connect one exhibit to a show tank. A trained animal. Please refer to the Mini Games section about training. Some other things to consider about the animals are that they must be happy or they will not perform.

Now that you have everything set up for a show you have to design your show. Click on the show platform. I like to rename my animals from the default to something that helps me pick them out from the list so I don't cast the wrong one in the show. Each trick will have a number assigned 1 for the first animals prop and 2 for the second animals prop then select the same trick for act 2 and the pop up box will have two jump in trick area pictures; one with a 1 on it and one with a 2 on it.

When you are using multiple animals it is very wise to reuse props from other animals and other acts. There is also an option to set an animal to wait for an act. Breaks are very useful as a way to give your animals time to rest and relax between their own performances and for your guests to do the same.

If, for any reason, you wish to stop a show from playing but you don't want to delete it then you can click the green checkmark next to the show in the show platforms first tab. I have noticed that there is a very annoying bug with shows where sometimes your guests will not be able to donate to the show and you will get messages that say your guests can't find donation boxes.

I have not been able to determine the exact cause of this error or a sure fire way to fix it, however, I have discovered that it will fix itself over time. There are many factors that determine a show's success: - training level of the animal for the trick they are performing - total training level of animal total number of tricks mastered - popularity of the animal - popularity of the trick they are performing - number of animals performing in the show - number of different species in the show - number of acts - number of tricks a single animal repeats in the show as a general rule you want each animal to perform only those tricks which they have mastered.

Try experimenting with the different tabs once you have a show up and running. I am unsure how much they affect the outcome of the show or the donations but they are neat to have. Some final thoughts about shows and aniamls: - The life span on most trainable animals is 2 game years. I have not had the patience to test this myself but if anyone has any solid testing evidence to support any significant life extending through training, please let me know.

I suggest setting up a large city zoo, with a large tank and all the trainable animals. There is a ZT2 fansite called Zoo Tycoon Unleashed which is just full of great ideas and lots of specific research. I do apologize to my readers for not providing any direct information about tours in this guide.

When you first start your zoo you want to increase your zoo fame and to do that you want lots of animals. Guests love to see carnivores feed from a carcass. Of course you could also just feed the animal to a carnivore if you were feeling evil and greedy.

I call this my "peafowl trick". Eggs are also nearly indestructable to everything except a curious carnivore. I have even been able to place some trees over some flowers without losing the flowers. I will also comment on their comments. Well, I tried the scenario with 6 fully trained belugas, 7 acts, each beluga using every trick once and won the scenario after 4 or 5 shows.

I just wanted to point this out for you whenever you update your FAQ again. That's no news, of course, since the game says it. What was a surprise to me was find out that the Beluga, being a marine animal, also counted as NA because it belongs in the Arctic Sea!

The Beluga is a good animal to use as it is cheap and available early on. Otherwise, your FAQ is pretty good. Instead, it depends of what you have hightlighted in the adoption menu: If you have female animals selected, you will create female animals, until you change it. I am still convinced that it is random.

Because I can't finish it for that same reason. This has happened to me 2 times at least, and when it happened with my giant pandas I freaked out! One successful attempt later and a panda cub was on the way, however! I look forward to any reader responses on strange things you all find in the game.

I had an entire zoo full of scared people once. Quagga can breed with Zebra. Masai giraffe can breed with reticulated giraffe. If you know of any others that can interbreed let me know. I have also seen rare posts on some forums about this occuring in other peoples games. I am not sure if this is a bug or if this is part of the code, but, I would not count on inbreeding to occur. I guess some people are just never satisfied. I guess some guests use credit cards!

I have not been able to figure out what causes this but I have noticed that if you keep playing the bug fixes itself over time. I have also noticed that it seems to happen more often after you load a saved game with a marine show already running. There are two ways you can train your animals, with trainers or you can do it yourself! Trainers are covered in the staff section above. They are slow to train and are not very accurate and cost a lot of money. You need a Training Area which must fit in your animals exhibit.

You do not need to have a show tank connected to the exhibit to start training your animal. This will bring up the training sub menu. Below each picture you will see Lock Icons. When your animal arrives you will be asked to "click your tracer to start the training. Be warned, some of the more advanced tricks get very tough, they curve in on themselves and have multiple button presses. I have yet to see any permanent results from continuous failure. In order to understand a tricks impact on a show you should consult the SHOW section above.

Here is a list of all the tricks listed by animal. Except for 1 False Killer Whale trick the Orca is the only one with multiple 5 star popularity tricks. Pacific Walrus has the fewest tricks and is thus the fastest to train. In order to find fossils at all you must first purchase and maintain an Extinct Research Lab. The fossil gun has 5 levels of power.

There is absolutely no way to fail this game, just walk around and search for dig sites. I have never found a fossile under a building or object, however, so don't tear apart your zoo if you are having no luck because fossils don't hide under rocks or anything else for that matter. It is interesting to note that the paleontologist will still search for fossils even if you do not have a Research Lab.

If you recycle your Lab for any reason you will not lose the fossils you found. Here you will see list of all the complete fossils you have found. Here you will be asked to click the mouse button or press space bar. These creatures are not normal animals which means they do not need to be kept in exhibits and guests will ignore them. I had a KP in a tundra exhibit with two polar bears and they lived quite happily for as long as I played that game.

I have yet to get two of them in the same game so I do not even know if it is possible to get more than one through this minigame. These diseases require more than just a shot from a zookeeper. Once you have cured a disease your zoo keepers will have the cure on hand at all times there after but only for that game. I would like to list all the diseases in the game, but, since they pop up fairly randomly and rarely this list will have to grow over time.

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Zoo Tycoon 2 - Extinct Animals [cheats] Quagga: Release all extinct animals into the wild to unlock the Quagga. Mysterious kangaroo: Place a male and a female Veloceraptor, the desert ones, and wait until they mate and the female is pregnant.

She will start building a nest. You will be informed when the nest is being built in the top information bar. Click on the female Veloceraptor. Click on its picture to track it. When it is done building its nest it will lay an egg. Just when it lays the egg, somewhere in its exhibit a baby kangaroo will slowly rise up from the ground and eventually disappear.

This can happen even if you do not have any kangaroos. However this glitch does not always work; just every once in a while when the Velociraptor lays eggs. You can olso download at zoo tycoon volcano hacks and download killer peguin to get them in the animals list with any biome and any space. Caveman Frozen Alive: Sometimes when you buy a glacier, with a bit of luck, there will be a caveman inside.

Once some of it melts and the caveman comes out, he will act like any other guest at the zoo. He will also leave like any other guest at the zoo. And if you delete the glacier the caveman will dissapear aswell.

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Онлайн Уважаемые форумчане, сообщаю Для вас, что.

This website uses cookies for functionality, analytics and advertising purposes as described in our Privacy Policy. If you agree to our use of cookies, please continue to use our site. Or Learn more Continue. The ZT2 Round Table. Both of Narukota Warrior's hacks listed in the title are causing problems for me.

Neither one seems to be taking effect, and it's troubling me. My best guess is a conflicting download, but I don't have the time to see which ones are causing it if so. Try adding a bunch of z' s after the names, and try opening the files to see if they're corrupted. Do you have Hendrix's True Widescreen? My zoom hack is overwritten by it.

Specifically "zWidescreen. I'll send you the fix on Monday. If you agree to our use of cookies, please continue to use our site. Or Learn more Continue. The ZT2 Round Table. I originally had a zoom hack that when I zoomed in it became a very close first person view. I liked it but lost it. I thought it was Narukota's so I downloaded that and in the pictures I saw it had the same first person view, but in game when I zoom in it shows the sky. Is that normal or a problem?

If it's a problem how can I fix it? I noticed that recent problem as i have it too and I don't think it's my zoom hack. It's probably conflicting with another zoom hack. I'll take a look into it. I'll PM you the new zoom hack that won't conflict. I haven't downloaded the widescreen yet but thanks for the info.

I'll search my files to see if I have any conflicting hacks. I cleared absolutely every hack but there are still the same problems. Plus now whenever I go into guest mode it begins slowly moving up and I can't stop it. Ztlabraptor wrote: I cleared absolutely every hack but there are still the same problems.

No I didn't download the widescreen version or the widescreen hack itself just the original hack, I managed to fix the initial problem of the first person mode facing straight up but now whenever I go into first person mode I slowly float up?

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Онлайн Уважаемые форумчане, сообщаю Для вас, что.

Онлайн Уважаемые форумчане, сообщаю Для вас, что.

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